I'd Rather be Quilting…

my crazy pasttime


on April 12, 2013

I am so fortunate to say that I have some really great friends. One of my good friends is also a relative and I did not know this until after we became friends. How are we related? I always get it confused and have to ask her every few years. A couple of years ago I got the urge to make a quilt for a couple of my friends. Not realizing then how much I would want before and after pictures I did not take many.


This is Monica’s quilt. The fabric is the Heritage line by Benartex. I ordered the charm pack from Missouri Star Quilt Company and when it arrived I knew this was for Monica. The colors spoke to me. I ordered more charm packs and fabric and got to work. The navy blue is very dark and the rest of fabrics were coordinated so perfectly with the navy. It is dark, warm and loving, just like Monica. (Monica has beautiful dark hair)

I am sorry to say that I cannot show you the quilt with the quilting done because I did not take a picture. I am learning, the hard way.

I have been thinking about Monica a lot lately, she is trying to recover from ACL injury. I wish I were closer (in distance) so that I could see her but I will keep her in my prayers. Thanks for taking a look. I am working on a special blog so keep posted!


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