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Sometimes the schedule is not mine……

on April 23, 2013

I have had plans this past week. Plans that included working on some memory quilts (more about those later). But Wednesday morning I received a phone call from Pam. She had a quilt that she wanted me to longarm for her BUT she needed very quickly.  This quilt was for a little girl who has cancer and will start chemotherapy next week. I never hesitated. She dropped the quilt by Wednesday and I loaded it on the machine when I got home. Of course it started storming and I do not use my machine when it is storming so I had to wait until last night. So here is the finished quilt:DSCN3165

do you see the butterflies made from the fabric? In the yellow border Pam embroidered the names of the girls family. In the flower border I quilted hearts.


In the green area I used an echo stitch for the entire green section. For the purple fabric I quilted butterflies, little butterflies.DSCN3160


I love Pam’s choice of colors and pattern! She did an awesome job! She shared a picture of the quilt with me before bringing me the quilt, I was so excited to work on her beautiful work of art. Just as she added her love when making the top, I added my love with the quilting. Our prayers are with this little girl and all children who must face this terrible disease. Until next time, have a great weekend!


One response to “Sometimes the schedule is not mine……

  1. Pam says:

    Kristi, you did a fantastic job, as usual! I know I can turn my quilt top over to you and you’ll do fabulous things with it. You pick the perfect thread and details every time. I love all the little extras you do. It was perfect! Heather and her family loves the quilt! Thanks so much!

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