I'd Rather be Quilting…

my crazy pasttime

Meet humility and patience….

on May 21, 2013

Every year, Lana and Lauryn want to “make” a quilt for their teacher, if they love their teacher (of course they do). This is a process, but……this year the process was for me. I am detail oriented, tend to be very precise (and Becky, you do not need to say anything here), I want a quarter inch seam to be a quarter inch seam. It starts with picking the fabric, I only give them 2 choices, which works very well. Then I give them 2 choices on pattern and this works well. They love to stand by the sewing machine and push the foot pedal while I sew. (note to all: make sure the machine is set on its lowest speed)

Then it comes time to do the quilting. Normally they want to do a small square and they are done. NOT this year!

This is humility, actually I mean Lana, working on her quilt.DSCN3258

I learned so much from her that my perfectionist side had forgotten. We had fun, which is not uncommon but it was different. Her teacher will cry. This is the smile of Lana done.DSCN3260

Next up was patience, I mean Lauryn. Here she is working on her quilt DSCN3269and she hated that her circles were not coming out like she thought they should.DSCN3263 We practiced on paper and then she asked, ‘if you use one hand and help me, does that mean that I still do it myself?’ Yes, I said. So, with one hand I helped to guide her. Her teacher will cry too.

On each quilt we stitched the words, “To _____ with love and the child’s name. Their quilting is pretty good for first timers that have not practiced, they are so proud, and so am I. Maybe I have gotten too outcome oriented, I love to do this, I love to share it and thank God for this blessing. Lana and Lauryn, yes, we will do another quilt soon. I think they might need their own sewing machine though, I really do not think I can share mine. And as far as the long arm machine is concerned, I have not heard a complaint from their mom yet…. she has not been allowed to use it and the little girls have!!   I am blessed!


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