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I love Kaufman Fabrics!!

on June 1, 2013


I had the opportunity to piece the quilt above for Robert Kaufman fabrics for the Spring Quilt Market! The fabric is just awesome, beautiful and the quality we expect from Kaufman Fabrics! I absolutely love it when the top lays flat after piecing.


I pieced and quilted this one. Again the fabric colors were gorgeous! I really wanted the stars to pop so I echoed inside the stars and used a meander on the rest with the exception of the small squares that connect the stars. I hope you can tell by the photo below that the stars do pop.


When I work on a quilt I always worry about the quilting pattern I use. The person who does the piecing puts much love and work into the quilt top. I want to make sure that my quilting accents the quilt but also brings the right features to the eye. Of course, I am having a hard time explaining this today. It is like repainting a red room in a green color, you then want to put color coordinated accents into the room to accentuate. When I look at a quilt top, I like to know the story behind it. Every quilt has a story….. it may be for a new baby, or a quilt for a show, or for someone who is sick. Whatever the story, the quilter has put much love and labor into the top. I am honored to be able to help make that story complete with every quilt top that I work on. I am blessed!


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