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A Blue Ribbon!!

on July 17, 2013

I have a friend named Donna, whom I have known for more than 30 years. Her husband and mine have worked for the same company, although different positions for that long. About 3 years ago, Donna and her husband moved to Kansas City also. I know that it was hard for Donna, as I went through the moving mourning also when we moved.  Donna is also a quilter. She had an idea…….

She wanted to make a quilt that looked like the area in which she grew up, Boone County, Nebraska, but make it the view from an airplane window. She worked diligently and long on this quilt. All the hay fields had the same fabric, also the corn, oats, milo, alfalfa, winter hay and something else that I forget now, each were represented by their own fabric. She put in the roads, both maintained and unmaintained; the tree lines, the farm places, the creek, the little dams, the differences in grade elevation. In my book, this is a masterpiece.

Then she asked me to quilt the topography into the overall design. I looked at and told her that I would need each block marked with a note that showed me which plat map to look at. In my mind, I thought I was crazy to try it. Shade and patterns of green fabric represented the crops, the farm places, the creek and the little dams. I knew I was crazy. Armed with plat maps hanging on my design wall and dozens of notes pinned to the top, I loaded the quilt onto the machine.

For 2 weeks I worked on this, spending one whole evening just figuring out which quilting pattern to use for each crop. I wound up looking at the keyboard on the computer for help. Then I started quilting. I did not want to let her down. Sometimes I felt I really good and others I wondered how bad I had screwed up her quilt. Then I took it off the machine……


This is a picture of the back, notice the different patterns which represent each crop. Also check out that creek flowing on the left side of the picture with different elevations.


This is the finished quilt, while it is hard to see all the different patterns I did not plan to write a blog and use pictures for it. The ponds and dams are represented by blue that she embroidered on the top. (I forgot to tell you that I had to quilt around embroidery also.)

To end a long story…. Donna took this quilt and entered it in Original Design category at the Boone County Fair in Nebraska. It won a Blue Ribbon!! And the judges liked the quilting!! Oh, this made my day!! Yes, I will again take on another challenge like this. Happy Quilting, Kristi


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