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Exhibit quilt

on September 29, 2013

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to enter a quilt into a competition. Well January was a pretty bad month here and that resolution fell to the wayside until a couple of weeks ago. A quilting friend, Angela Walters, asked if I had a quilt that could be used in an exhibit at MQX in Portland, Oregon. Immediately I said yes. A couple of emails later and my entry needed to be there between Sept. 20-30th. I might have forgotten to tell you that I had the quilt top done but not the quilting and binding.

So I went to work to finish it. I knew I wanted to quilt flowers on this quilt but was stuck, what did I fill in around the flowers? I also wanted to use a double layer of batting because I wanted to make these flowers pop. After a couple of days of frustration I decided to start on the flowers. Then it came to me… I used flowers to fill in, little ones, middle sized ones and large ones.


The more I quilted, the more flowers that appeared. The end result? A quilt that I am happy with on its way to an exhibit in Oregon! No it is not a competition with judging but I am glad for the opportunity. I am actually waiting for the arrival of some fabric to enter a competition. It will be my first and it will be my own pattern. I admire those women and men who have the creativity to create multiple patterns and fabric! I am not sure I can do that but I have had fun dreaming of patterns that have floated around in my head. We will see where life takes it.

Do you have a dream? A New Year’s resolution? An idea in the back of your mind that wonder if it will ever materialize? Why not go for it? What would it cost you? You might just be proud of yourself  for the effort! It might work, you might find your passion! What would life be like if we all engaged in things we were passionate about? I suggest you make a plan!

IMG_0201 This picture is the only one I can of the front of the quilt right now! I have a new laptop and sometimes it does not do what I want it to do, I think it is operator error but I am working on it. I will show you a better picture soon!


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