I'd Rather be Quilting…

my crazy pasttime


on November 13, 2013

Priceless….. that is how I would describe Lana’s second grade teacher, Mrs. Mershon. So when she asked if I could do a couple of things for her I looked it over and said “no timeline, right?”  The first project was easy, she had some pieces that Mr. Mershon’s grandma had started and wanted them made into a very long table runner. Easy peasy, job done. But the next one……WOW! You need to hear the story… Mr. Mershon’s grandma and grandpa had a restaurant in downtown Kansas City. Grandma liked to make quilts so she decorated the restaurant with her quilts. One night the business suffered a devastating fire, they lost everything but someone had saved one quilt. This quilt was taken apart and washed (quilters know you should not do this as it damages the seams and stability.


quilting 031
Here is what was left. This picture does not do justice to all the damage on the quilt. She wanted me to take off the worst row and hopefully have enough fabric to piece the next row back together.  I agreed to do it. But only because Mrs. Mershon was the kind of woman who gives her all to her class, motivating, supporting, caring, teaching, encouraging and loving each of her students.

I took this quilt out by the pool and lovingly hand stitched seams back together. The fabric was deteriorating greatly and hand stitching was the kindest. The quilt went to the Lake of the Ozarks with us and I worked on the dock. Every week I worked on this quilt for at least 15 minutes. I used every piece of usable fabric that I could, sometimes having to fix a piece that fell apart when I held it. When the top was as good as I could get it, I ironed a fusible interfacing to the back of the top to help stabilize the fabric. (Mrs. Mershon understands this will never be a usable quilt, she plans to hang it in her husband’s office.) Then I put the quilt on the longarm (I can hear other quilters gasping). I stitched in the ditch everything but the dark green which just got a piano key look to it. Very simple quilting, done very slowly and very lovingly.

Here is the finished quilt.

You can tell the original pattern is not all there but for a quilt that was badly damaged by fire and washing it is in good shape.

Now……what will Mr. & Mrs. Mershon think? What do I think? I am proud to have brought some life to a family treasure, to give back to someone who has given Lana so much. This opportunity was….. priceless.


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