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Sometimes the schedule is not mine……

I have had plans this past week. Plans that included working on some memory quilts (more about those later). But Wednesday morning I received a phone call from Pam. She had a quilt that she wanted me to longarm for her BUT she needed very quickly.  This quilt was for a little girl who has cancer and will start chemotherapy next week. I never hesitated. She dropped the quilt by Wednesday and I loaded it on the machine when I got home. Of course it started storming and I do not use my machine when it is storming so I had to wait until last night. So here is the finished quilt:DSCN3165

do you see the butterflies made from the fabric? In the yellow border Pam embroidered the names of the girls family. In the flower border I quilted hearts.


In the green area I used an echo stitch for the entire green section. For the purple fabric I quilted butterflies, little butterflies.DSCN3160


I love Pam’s choice of colors and pattern! She did an awesome job! She shared a picture of the quilt with me before bringing me the quilt, I was so excited to work on her beautiful work of art. Just as she added her love when making the top, I added my love with the quilting. Our prayers are with this little girl and all children who must face this terrible disease. Until next time, have a great weekend!

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I am so fortunate to say that I have some really great friends. One of my good friends is also a relative and I did not know this until after we became friends. How are we related? I always get it confused and have to ask her every few years. A couple of years ago I got the urge to make a quilt for a couple of my friends. Not realizing then how much I would want before and after pictures I did not take many.


This is Monica’s quilt. The fabric is the Heritage line by Benartex. I ordered the charm pack from Missouri Star Quilt Company and when it arrived I knew this was for Monica. The colors spoke to me. I ordered more charm packs and fabric and got to work. The navy blue is very dark and the rest of fabrics were coordinated so perfectly with the navy. It is dark, warm and loving, just like Monica. (Monica has beautiful dark hair)

I am sorry to say that I cannot show you the quilt with the quilting done because I did not take a picture. I am learning, the hard way.

I have been thinking about Monica a lot lately, she is trying to recover from ACL injury. I wish I were closer (in distance) so that I could see her but I will keep her in my prayers. Thanks for taking a look. I am working on a special blog so keep posted!

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Sometimes it just comes together…..

Last fall I got to spend some time in our home town, which meant I was able to stop at Pieceful Pastime, which is a wonderful quilt shop you should check out. I love to wander around this shop. I found a pattern called Cheddar n Crackers which calls for a charm pack (a precut pack of 5 inch squares of fabric, usually about 40). The pattern was very interesting so I thought I would look at the charm packs. I found one that I really liked and knew that I had no specific reason for this quilt but I liked it and just felt like I needed to do it. Then I found a gorgeous tan/gold solid fabric that coordinated with the charm pack.

Later that night we went out for supper with our great friends, Steve and Velda. We have been friends so long that we no longer count the years. While talking that night I knew I would take the fabric purchased earlier and make a quilt for their daughter, Kyla. I have known Kyla almost all her life, she is a very special young lady.


This is the finished quilt top hanging on my longarm. As I am knew to this blogging I am learning to take better pictures. All of the solid fabric is called negative space and lets the quilter have fun.


Because the geometric patterns on the fabric I decided to put squares and rectangles in the negative space. I loved it. And so did Kyla.

I know that every time she crawls under this quilt I am giving her a hug. It is almost as good as being there.

Thanks for looking. I will get better with the pictures. I hope that you have a blessed week, remember to tell your family and friends that you love them.

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Just getting started…..

A friend of mine thinks I should use this to show what I love to do and track my progress. More is coming….

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